Pride Run 2018 Beneficiaries

We have chosen four beneficiaries for Pride Run 2018:

1. Club Rotario de Latinos Unidos: Last year, LA Frontrunners lost one of our most beloved and cherished members, Carl Maravilla. Carl’s Rotary Club, Club Rotario de Latinos Unidos has started a scholarship in his memory that our donated funds will be designated for.
Click HERE for info and 2017 scholarship application.
2. My Friend’s Place: Last year, My Friend's Place served 1,418 homeless youth - over one third of the homeless youth population in LA, 40% of which identify as LGBTQ.
Click HERE for website.
3. Kitten Rescue: Kitten Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization devoted to finding loving homes for unwanted, homeless cats and kittens. We rescue cats and kittens from the streets & from City Shelter euthanasia. Kitten Rescue has a cat sanctuary in Atwater Village.
Click HERE for website.
4. Angel City Pitbulls: Angel City Pit Bulls takes in dogs (mainly from our local shelters) that fall under the generic term pit bull who demonstrate people-soft, responsive qualities and solid temperaments. Their adorableness and gushy love of people make them fantastic family dogs. We have a wide range of energy levels, so whether you are looking for a running partner or a potential "therapy dog", we will typically have a dog that will fit the bill.
Click HERE for website.